Benefits of Upgrading your Hydraulic Boat Trailer from Electric Brakes to Disc Brakes

Though effective enough as a low-cost braking option, electric drum brakes on your trailer offer lower reliability and performance, and could even pose a greater risk of failure when compared to other hydraulic boat trailer braking systems. Hydraulic disc brakes offer the highest industry standard in trailer braking systems, with unmatched performance and longevity. At HOSTAR Marine, we are your secure boat storage specialists. We offer a variety of hydraulic boat trailers for sale, along with various parts and equipment to help maintain your equipment for the long haul. By offering hydraulic disc brakes, we offer our clients a worthy upgrade for the dependability and longevity of their boat trailers.

While relying on an electronic power source to run, hydraulic disc brakes can safely be used on our boat trailer , even when launching into the water. With an electronic braking system, you can run the risk of shorting out the system when exposed to water, and it is often advised that you turn the braking system off when launching your boat. Additionally, these electronic systems can be negatively impacted by salt-water corrosion.

In addition to reliability, hydraulic disc brakes can actuate faster, more evenly and smoothly, and improve your stopping distance by a significant margin. They also have fewer moving parts than their electric drum brake counterparts, and can self-adjust according to the momentum of the towing vehicle.

At HOSTAR Marine, we offer a variety of new and used boat trailers for sale, along with storage accessories to meet your specific transportation and boat storage needs. With impeccable build quality and a 3-year warranty on HOSTAR construction, it is no wonder why we have been a trusted hydraulic boat trailer manufacturer and supplier since 1991. Ready to take the next steps towards upgrading your hydraulic boat trailer brakes? Our team at HOSTAR is here to help. Call us today at 800-783-9303, or visit our website to browse our great selection today!.