How Many Boat Stands Do I Need?

Boat stands come in handy when you need to save on boat yard space and create a more cost-efficient boat storage solution. At HOSTAR Marine, we offer boat stands that can accommodate a variety of boat storage requirements. These stands are stackable and highly effective. They also include a number of different value-added features.

Number of Boat Stands for Sailboats and Powerboats

To support a powerboat, a minimum of four stands are recommended – two pairs. In addition, if you have a boat greater than 20 feet in length, add an extra set of stands for every 10 feet of additional boat length. Sailboats may require five stands – four with swivel tops and one with a V-head for the bow.

Features of Boat Stands

Boat stands function as stabilizers, with the boat’s weight resting on keel blocking. We provide rugged steel stands that also have marine-grade wooden pads for the protection of the hull of the boat. These stands include rust resistant handles and screws that are designed to last for years. When your boat is in the water, you can conveniently stack the stands for easy access when needed.

Using Boat Stands

To use a boat stand effectively it needs to be positioned securely on the ground. If the stands are to be placed on soft ground, it is important to position the dunnage under base of the stands. In addition, it is strongly recommended not to use blocks, or other items atop the stand, to increase its height. Nor should any objects be tied to a boat stand.

In order to place a stand against the hull of the boat, you need to hold the screw with one hand. Then, using your other hand, spin the wing nut to elevate the stand top to the boat’s hull. Finally, tighten until the proper contact has been achieved. An experienced boat stand supplier can help you select the best stand for your application and provide you with guidance on using it properly and safely.

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