Boat Trailers for Sale – New and Used Models and Benefits

Our boat trailers for sale provide a stable and faster solution for your boat transport requirements. The tasks of boat loading, relocation, and unloading are made easier with a HOSTAR trailer. In addition, you can purchase a trailer that addresses the specific situations you need to handle on a routine basis. For sailboats, powerboats, catamarans, and more, go with an experienced provider. At HOSTAR Marine, we offer an array of hydraulic boat transport trailers for road/yard and yard use only.

Used and New Trailers

Regardless of whether you are looking to purchase a pre-owned model or a brand-new hydraulic trailer, various options are available to accommodate your operational requirements. We can help you pinpoint the boat trailer solution you need for your applications according to your boat sizes and weights.

Hydraulic Trailers

Regarding the selection of a hydraulic boat transport trailer, the various models available include towable yard trailers, self-propelled trailers, government/military trailers, and road trailers.

As an experienced trailer manufacturer, we offer hydraulic boat trailers that enable the quick and efficient loading and unloading of boats. Options are available that include self-propelled boat trailer models in addition to towable yard trailers that can handle heavy-duty applications involving high-capacity boats.


It is possible to replace a conventional trailer with a much more efficient hydraulic trailer that can handle a larger number of boats for transport on an everyday basis, eliminating the loading and unloading challenges found with a non-hydraulic model.

The boat trailers for sale that we offer include safety features that improve efficiency and increase safety. Regardless of whether you own a marina, shop, or yard, these trailers allow you to enhance your bottom line through more efficient storage and operations.

To find out more information about the hydraulic boat trailers for sale that we offer at HOSTAR Marine, give us a call today at 800.783.9303 or drop us a message through contact form.