Hydraulic Boat Transport Trailers: Ideal for Any Industry Professional

If you’re shopping for a hydraulic boat trailer, there are several choices available to you. When looking to add a boat trailer to your marina, dealership, or restoration shop, consulting a dependable manufacturer is the best way to ensure you of the correct model. They’ll take your transportation needs into account, including the physical traits of the boat(s) you intend to relocate. Hydraulic boat transport trailers are ideal choices for experts in the boating industry, as well as military and government professionals.

Types of Hydraulic Trailers

There are a wide variety of hydraulic trailers to handle powerboats and sailboats, such as a hydraulic road, self-propelled boat mover, towable yard, and military/government trailers. An experienced manufacturer can assist you with choosing the most reliable transport trailer for your operation. For example, if you’re looking for a time-saving boat handling and storage solution for your boatyard or marina, a self-propelled or towable yard trailer may be the ideal trailer for your business. Or, if you need a model that can transport a 60,000 lb. boat over the road, you may want to consider an expertly-crafted road trailer.

Why Choose One?

Many professionals in the boat industry choose hydraulic trailers over other boat transport trailers because they save time and money. Hydraulic trailers include a variety of features that facilitate loading, moving, unloading, launching, and blocking. With hull-protecting air ride or hydraulic suspension, extendable hydraulic arms, keel-supporting cross beams, and numerous other features, transporting a boat is quick and easy with a hydraulic trailer. Also, because you’ll have the ability to easily load and secure boats, you won’t have additional transportation costs – which are common with other types of boat trailers.

Safe & Secure Transport

Regardless of the model, hydraulic trailers come equipped with several safety features. In comparison to other types of trailers, such as roller trailers and jacks, hydraulic models are generally regarded as the safer choice. Professionals who move, refurbish, or store boats often prefer hydraulic trailers for their one-man operation. High quality hydraulic trailers include a variety of safety mechanisms, such as double-locking check valves on all hydraulic cylinders, self-contained hydraulic system, adjustable cross beams, hull –protecting air ride, and more – all designed to prevent boat damage and enhance support.