Boat Dollies For Sale

Boat Dollies

At a Show, or in your shop or showroom... HOSTAR boat dollies give you the flexibility and performance you need.

The maneuverability you need in your shop or showroom - or on the boat show floor.

Although the boats you service and sell are designed to move more gracefully on the water, they're awkward at best on land. That's why it makes sense to use HOSTAR boat dollies to get your boats in, out and around your shop or showroom... across paved yards... or around the boat show floor.

With HOSTAR dollies, you can easily move a boat of up to 7200 pounds with just two dollies - one fore and one aft. Our heavy-duty models can carry up to twice that weight with ease. Plus, you can choose from over a dozen standard models. Or you can order custom dollies to match your exact specifications. In fact, HOSTAR dollies can be made to hold any size boat you have, with any hull configuration.

Hard-working dollies that will take years of hard use

  • Rugged steel tubing construction won't twist or bend.
  • Tough, long-lasting roller bearing phenolic casters with grease fittings move smoothly on flooring, cement or pavement. Last for years.
  • Carpeted pads protect boat surface. Adjust from 8" to 12" above dolly frame.
  • Optional screw pads offer continuous adjustment.
  • Durable painted finish or optional galvanizing ensures years of use.
  • Telescoping connecting bar - available only from HOSTAR - joins two dollies, providing added stability.
  • Optional tech-lock brakes available.

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