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Are you looking to save money and space in your boat yard? It can be done, with HOSTAR's innovative, stackable boat stands.

These rugged steel stands are fitted with marine-grade wooden pads to protect the boats' hulls. They are made to last and feature rust-resistant handles and screws. They can simply be stacked out of the way when the boats are in the water.

What Do I Use Boat Stands For?

They are used as stabilizers while supporting the weight of the boat on its keel. If you have a powerboat, HOSTAR recommends that you use at least two pairs of stands (four stands in total). If your boat is over 20 feet long, an extra set should be used for every additional 10 feet of boat length. Sailboats require at least five stands per boat, using 4 stands with swivel tops and 1 stand with V-head for bow.

How Do I Use a Boat Stand?

They should first be firmly positioned on the ground. If the ground is soft, use dunnage under the stands to ensure they make proper footing. It is not advisable to place blocks or other items on top of the stands in order to make them higher, and NEVER tie anything to the boat stands.

To position the stand against the hull of the boat, you need to hold the screw with one hand. Then simply raise the screw with the pad to the boat's hull by spinning the wing nut with your other hand. Tighten until you have the correct contact.

HOSTAR has a choice of boat stands for powerboats or sailboats in painted or hot-dipped galvanized finish. Read more on this site, or contact us for more information.

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