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HOSTAR's Pre-Owned
Hydraulic Boat Trailer Inventory

HOSTAR is committed to providing affordable, high quality products to clients in the marine industry. We are pleased to announce our pre-owned hydraulic boat trailer inventory, featuring a variety of used boat trailers available throughout the continental United States and occasionally the Caribbean. If you're looking to purchase a trailer that has been pre-owned, look no further.

Why Buy Used?

If you are currently in the market for a used hydraulic boat trailer, consider browsing HOSTAR's inventory. We have consistently seen the benefit to offering pre-owned options to our customers -

  • A cost effective means of adding a much-needed additional trailer to a fast-growing business.
  • In the case of time constraints during construction of a new trailer, a pre-owned trailer may be a practical solution for the marina owner, boat manufacturer, or boat transporter.
  • Or, when starting a new business, choosing a used hydraulic boat trailer gives you the opportunity to determine the right trailer for your customer base before investing in a new trailer.





2019 HOSTAR HST5000Y (power/sail/catamaran) - Yard use only, carrying capacity of 50,000 lbs., galvanized frame, arms, cross beams, four hydraulic arms to handle up to 7' draft, hydraulic suspension, four (4) reinforced aluminum cross beams, three (3) custom extended cross beams for catamarans, ramp usable, HONDA 340GX engine power unit, manual hydraulic controls, solid tires on galvanized wheels. Trailer used less than 5 times. Available immediately.

Located in Alaska.

now $68,000
$88,020 (image 1)
2011 HOSTAR HSTA4200T (power/sail) - Road/yard use, highway capacity 32,000 lbs., hydraulic articulating gooseneck for fifth-wheel operation, galvanized, wireless remote control, full air brakes, reinforced aluminum cross beams. Available immediately.

Located in Maine.

$89,900 $114,480 (image 1)
2013 HOSTAR GS3400 (power) - Road/yard trailer, capacity 20,000 lbs. highway, galvanized, air ride suspension, forward hydraulic arms, wireless remote control of all hydraulic and air functions, upgrade to 12K axles, electric/hydraulic disc brakes, electric winch, strap hangers with straps for sailboat keels, spare tire and wheel.

Located in New York.

$55,000 $75,880 Pictures Coming Soon
2003 HOSTAR HPT3200YSA (power) - Yard used only, capacity of 20,000 lbs., galvanized, pivoting rear arms. New tires and hydraulic cylinders in 2018.

Located in New Jersey

$20,000 $40,235 (image 1)
(image 2)
(image 3)
(image 4)

View Images of Pre-Owned Trailer Before You Purchase

If you'd like to purchase a used hydraulic boat trailer, but it's being stored in a different part of the country, you can view pictures of the product before you make the leap. HOSTAR offers clear, detailed images of each boat trailer next to its listing, so you can make a decision prior to scheduling an onsite inspection of the equipment. HOSTAR will also email a detailed list of features and options found on the trailer to assist you in your decision-making process.

View our inventory and contact us for further information if you are interested in a used boat trailer.


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