Frequently Asked Questions about Boat Dollies

What is the difference between a boat dolly and a boat stand?

Boat stands create a fixed support system, while dollies have wheels allowing you to move the vessels around the boatyard, boat show, or shop.

What boat dolly is right for me?

It depends on the weight, length, and type of vessel. For example, our Titan Dollies can handle as much as 25,000 pounds per pair. Please contact HOSTAR for help selecting appropriate dollies for your boat.

How do I determine how many boat dollies I need?

You will need two dollies for most boats. However, pontoon vessels should have at least four three-wheel dollies. Our Power Cat dollies are designed to work with four or more units.

What type of boat dollies do you manufacture?

HOSTAR Marine makes a variety of dollies. In all, we have four standard models and we also custom manufacture boat dollies to meet your needs.

Why should I buy HOSTAR dollies?
  • Steel tubular construction
  • Long-lasting phenolic casters (with grease fittings)
  • Paint or galvanized finishes available
  • Tech-lock brakes (optional)
  • Screw pads (optional)
  • Many custom options available

What if I have unique needs for dollies?

HOSTAR Marine offers a wide-range of options. We are the manufacturer of these systems, so we can custom design to create any type of dolly you need.

How can I learn more about your boat dollies?

Call our toll-free number 800-783-9303. Visit our contact page or click the “request info” tab on one of the dolly info sections. We are here to make sure you get the perfect dollies for your needs.

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