Frequently Asked Questions about Boat Stands

What is a boat stand?

When boats are stored on dry land, they are either on a trailer, on a storage rack, or on boat stands. Stands keep the vessel safe and stable the entire time it is not in the water. You can use a number of items for support, but the best (and safest) are stands manufactured especially for boats.

What type of boat stand should I get?

At HOSTAR Marine, we make the most durable, high-quality stands you can buy. It is important to buy boat stands capable of resisting the corrosive effects of a salt water environment. Steel angle iron is an excellent material, properly finished by painting or using a hot-dipped galvanization method.

A tripod frame, with a continuous base, is the most common and most efficient design.

You also should buy stands with protective pads made from a material like marine-grade plywood.

How do I use a boat stand?

Using our boat stands is simple and easy:

  1. Make sure the stand is firmly placed on the ground (for soft surfaces, you should always use some type of extra support like dunnage).
  2. With one hand, hold on to the stand screw.
  3. Raise the screw to place the pad against the hull.
  4. Tighten the screw until you have a good connection between pad and hull.

Do your boat stands have any special features?

Stands from HOSTAR Marine can easily be stacked for efficient storage. Also, our stands have a key slot in pad bracket that simplifies safety chain attachment when blocking sailboats.

How many stands do I need for a powerboat?

One pair (2) for every eight to ten feet or boat length. If you are unsure, feel free to contact us for help determining how many you will need for your boat.

How many stands do sailboats need?

The stand/length ration is same as power boats, but sailboats also require a V-pad stand underneath the bow.

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