HOSTAR'S High Capacity Yard Trailers

At HOSTAR, we have a long, proud history of manufacturing hydraulic boat trailers and other marine transport products, from U.S.-based materials whenever possible. Our all-American company is renowned for our passion and dedication to creating boat transport trailers built to the highest standards.

Our Series of Yard Trailers

We have a vast variety of yard trailers available-three different series, in fact. All of our products are specifically engineered to deliver the best performance possible, regardless of what your specific requirements or application. Each yard trailer is specialized to meet the needs of certain sizes of boats, and each includes outboard hydraulic suspension. One-man operation, gunnel-to-gunnel storage, submersible or used in combination with a travel hoist are just a few of the many benefits of a HOSTAR yard trailer.

Gold Star SeriesGoldStar Yard Series
HOSTAR'S Gold Star Yard Trailer Series

Gold Star Series

The Gold Star series is perfect for power and shoal draft sailboats up to 44 feet and a capacity of up to 40,000 pounds. This is our newest series, and we are proud to announce that its unique, innovative design has made it one of the most popular among professionals in the marine transport industry. There are three different models of yard trailers in the Gold Star series.
HPTY SeriesHPTY Series Hydraulic Trailers
HOSTAR Yard Trailer HPTY Series

HPTY Series

For larger power and shoal draft sailboats, the HPTY series is ideal. Boats up to 53' with capacities up to 60,000 pounds can be carried with ease in the boatyard. Their carrying capacity is strong and they can navigate all types of ground, whether paved or uneven, with ease.
HSTY SeriesHSTY Series Hydraulic Yard Trailers
HOSTAR Yard Trailer HSTY Series

HSTY Series

The absolute largest product we offer, trailers in the HSTY series can carry power and deep draft sailboats up to 100 feet and 200,000 pounds. These are strong, capable, rugged trailers that are able to handle the most-challenging jobs in your boatyard.
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