Self Propelled Yard Star Series

Yard Star Series
A Self-Propelled HOSTAR For The New Millennium
... The YardStar Boat Handler

A powerful motorized hydraulic workhorse to turn more boatyard space to profit

HOSTAR's new Self-Propelled YardStar Boat Handler combines exceptional maneuverability with remarkable space-saving performance. Four-wheel hydrostatic drive and oscillating front steering axle give this unit the capability of moving and turning easily... ideal for a tightly packed boatyard or storage building.

Rock-solid Stability
The powerful drive units of the YardStar Self-Propelled are designed to distribute traction evenly to all four wheels. This extremely rugged hydraulic machine moves easily over all types of terrain... on grades, over rises, and even on gravel.

360 degree visibility
Located on the outboard side at the front of the machine, the operator's station gives you maximum viewing capability. Hydraulic orbitrol steering and single-handed joystick control ensure safe and easy operation of your Self-Propelled YardStar. an optional frame mounted video camera, with operator's platform monitor, is available for viewing bottom of boat as it is loaded onto the YardStar.

A versatile handler for all boats in your yard
Available in both submersible and non-submersible models, the YardStar Self-Propelled facilitates fast, safe, and efficient handling of all powerboats and sailboats in your yard. With the YardStar, you can expect to increase storage capacity by at least 30% while significantly reducing labor costs and boat handling hours.

From HOSTAR ... Real Movers in the boat handling industry.
The new millennium Self-Propelled YardStar is designed and manufactured by HOSTAR, known for the finest engineering, construction, warranty and customer service in the industry. From coast to coast - and overseas - HOSTAR has an enviable reputation for designing and producing custom hydraulic boat handling equipment that far exceeds our customers' expectations.

Standard features:
• Four-wheel hydrostatic drive
• Oscillating hydraulic orbitrol front steering axle with 12" of lift
• Two-speed hydraulic drive units
• Diesel industrial engine
• Open-bridge operator's station
• Inward-canting hydraulic arms

Available Options:
• Submersible ramp-use models
• Reinforced aluminum cross beams
• Bio-degradable hydraulic oil
• On-board video camera and monitor

Our experts will help you to find self-propelled boat trailer which fits your needs. Please reach out if you have any questions, or if you would like a quote on any of our products.

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