GS 3800 T


HOSTAR Gold Star Series Model 3800 Tri-Axle Hydraulic Boat Trailer, configured with the following equipment and/or specifications:

• To handle power boats and shoal draft sailboats to 41 feet (highway)
• Overall trailer length of 40 feet
• Overall trailer width of 9 feet
• Capacity of 28,000 lbs. over the road, 32,000 lbs. in the yard
• 8" x 8" x 3/8" steel square tube main frame
• Hydraulics:
    * Two pivoting rear hydraulic arms, extendable
    * Front hydraulic cylinder for fore and aft leveling
    * Manual hydraulic control valves
    * 12VDC electric hydraulic power unit
    * Pilot operated double-locking valves on all cylinders
• Six wheel outboard air-ride suspension, plus six shock absorbers and lift axle capability
• Field-replaceable reinforced fiberglass suspension bushings
• Adjustable rolling dolly forward cross beam
• Ratchet adjustable swing-out rear cross beam with removable booster block
• Three Dexter 10,000 lb. Heavy-Duty axles
• Six 215/75R17.5, 16 ply, Load Range H tires, highway capacity 4,805 lbs. each
• Electric brakes on all wheels with breakaway switch and D.O.T. wiring
• Flexible fenders
• Two screw pad stabilizers with sockets and T-pins, mountable to frame
• Stainless steel T-pins and hardware
• Extra-bright LED submersible lighting system
• Hydraulically operated pintle hook draw bar with safety chains
• Two "Big Foot" parking stands
• Expanded metal basket at trailer front
• Finish: Frame sandblasted to white steel; finished with two coats high-build epoxy primer with hardener,
             three coats high performance acrylic urethane with hardener - choice of color.

Production Time: Fourteen to sixteen weeks from start of construction


Available Options

• Galvanized frame, arms, cross beams
• Galvanized arms, arm inserts, pad brackets, parking stands
• 12VDC air compressor with cover, mounted on mast
• Remote control with pendant operation, priced per hydraulic function
• Remote control with pendant operation, priced per air function
• Wireless remote operation in lieu of pendant operation
• Electric over hydraulic brakes
• Corrosion-resistant disc brake package
• Inside frame lights, priced per pair (galvanized frame only)
• 9.5K electric planetary winch on telescoping mast mount
• Extra stabilizers with sockets and T-pins (set of 2)
• Spare tire and wheel
• Fixed gooseneck for fifth-wheel operation
• Hydraulically articulating gooseneck for fifth-wheel operation
• Forward hydraulic arms, extendable
• Self-centering pivoting V-pad on rolling dolly beam
• Pneumatic lift on forward axle


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