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Setting a new standard for savings in boat yards everywhere.

Now, get more from your valuable yard space.

One thing about boatyards... there's never enough space. That's why more and more yard owners are switching to stackable boat stands from HOSTAR. Stackable boat stands let you store more boats by eliminating you reliance on costly, cumbersome cradles. Then when boats are in the water, you simply stack the stands out of the way.

HOSTAR Boat stands are constructed of long-lasting steel, the latest in corrosion-resistant screws and handles, and hull-protecting wood pads. And since they're easy to use, you save on time and labor costs bringing boats in or out of storage.

Rugged construction stands up to years of tough work.

  • Tripod design maximizes stand strength, ensures stability on uneven yard surfaces.
  • Continuous base prevents legs from spreading...helps prevent sinking into gravel or asphalt paving.
  • Heavy-duty angle iron construction won't twist or bend.
  • Choice of durable painted finish, or tough hot-dipped galvanizing for years of maintenance-free use.
  • New! Lightweight, zinc-coated screw with handle (rated at 12,500 lbs.) for little maintenance, easier handling and longer life.
  • 12"x12" finished marine-grade plywood pads protect hull without slipping.
  • Choice of swivel pad, allowing you to set pad angle for any hull size and shape, or V-head for bow.
  • Key slot in pad bracket simplifies safety chain attachment.
Bottom line Benefits, too!

With HOSTAR stackable stands, you can stabilize a sailboat with as few as four stands, plus one bow stand. And unlike custom cradles, you can quickly adjust the stands for many hull shapes and lengths, so they can be used over and over again. Plus, stackability means you save on freight and valuable storage space, too!

To Determine quantities:
  • 2 stands needed for every 8-10 feet of boat length, plus 1 stand with V-pad under bow.
  • Each pair of sailboat stands should be connected with 3/16" safety chain.
  • Use blocking under keel. Specify swivel or V-head. Additional screw pad assemblies available.
Model Height
(Min/Max in inches)
Shipping Weight
(in lbs.)
(Add Amount)
SBS2P/SBS2G 29-45 26-28 $169.00 $164.00 $159.00 $30.00
SBS3P/SBS3G 40-56 31-33 $189.00 $184.00 $179.00 $35.00
SBS4P/SBS4G 50-66 40-43 $199.00 $194.00 $189.00 $37.00
SBS5P/SBS5G 64-80 56-60 $209.00 $204.00 $199.00 $51.00
SBS6P/SBS6G 76-92 69-73 $259.00 $254.00 $249.00 $53.00
SBS7P/SBS7G 88-104 79-87 $319.00 $314.00 $309.00 $92.00

Base only - subtract $10 per stand.
Additional pads or V-heads, with screw and handle - $76 each.
Heights are measured vertically from base to top of pad.


Pictures coming soon.
  • Use blocking fore and aft to support all weight of boat on keel.
  • Use a pair of stands for each 8 feet of boat length and 1 stand with V-pad under bow - minimum 5 stands per boat.
  • Use safety chain on all sailboat stands. Run chain under hull starboard to port and bolt to pads. Use 3/16" galvanized chain; 5/16" bolts.
  • Place stands with point of triangle formed by two long sides facing toward center of boat, with adjusting screws as perpendicular to hull as possible.
  • Place stands so pads reach just below or at waterline.
  • If ground is soft, use suitable dunnage under stands in order to get full contact.
  • Use extra stands for fin keel sailboats, in windy areas or if mast is up.
  • To position against hull, hold the screw with one hand, raise screw with pad to boat hull, spin the wing nut with other hand, continuing to tighten until desired tension is realized.
  • Boat stands are to be used as stabilizers. NEVER use boat stands as sole support of boat (without blocking keel).
  • The person placing, moving, or adjusting the boat stands must be authorized and experienced.
  • If it is necessary to remove a boat stand from under a boat, place another stand beside it first.
  • Make sure that the stands are firmly positioned on the ground.
  • Use dunnage under stands if the ground is soft.
  • Do NOT place blocks or other material on top of stands to make them higher.
  • Never allow anything (such as a boat cover) to be tied to the stands.
  • Replace badly rusted or damaged stands.


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