HST 6500 YS

Submersible Hydraulic Boat Trailer HST 6500 YSHST Yard Trailer Series 6500 YSHST Yard Trailer Series 6500 YS


HOSTAR Model HST6500YS Submersible Hydraulic Boat Trailer for yard use, configured with the following equipment and specifications:

• To handle power boats to 62 feet, sailboats to 70 feet
• Overall trailer length of 56 feet (+ or -)
                         on flat: 48 feet (+ or -)
• Overall trailer width of 11 feet
• Weight capacity in yard of 120,000 lbs.
• 16" x 8" x 1/2" structural rectangular steel tubing main frame, reinforced with 15" x 40 pound channel
• Frame sealed and pressure-tested for air tightness to prevent corrosion
• Gooseneck with hand rail for fifth wheel operation
• Hydraulics
    * Six fully adjustable hydraulic arms to handle up to 8' draft; forward-facing rear arms, inward-canting forward arms
    * Hydraulic raising and lowering each side of main frame
    * Two hydraulic front landing wheels
    * Dual 24VDC electrical self-contained hydraulic systems
    * Solenoid actuated remote control with dual hand-held control boxes and walk-around cables
    * Pilot-operated double-locking valves on all cylinders
• Two 4-DM deep cycle marine batteries
• Six slide-through removable cross beams for keel support
• Cross beam pockets through frame
• Strap hangers with straps for sailboat keels
• Outboard walking beam (hydraulic) suspension (frame lowers to ground)
• Eight low profile high flotation 32 x 12.1 x 15 yard tires (rear)
• Two 28 x 12.5 x 15 yard tires (front landing wheels)
• Expanded metal basket at frame front
• Battery charger or power connection to tow vehicle
• Stainless steel T-pins and all hardware
• Finish: Entire unit sandblasted to white steel; finished with two coats high-build epoxy primer with hardener, three coats high performance acrylic urethane with hardener - choice of color
               Galvanized hydraulic arms, arm inserts, pad brackets

Production Time: Sixteen to eighteen weeks from start of construction

Available Options

• Stainless steel arm pivots
• Additional pair hydraulic arms
• Solid tires in lieu of pneumatic tires
• Wireless remote control system
• Hydraulically articulating gooseneck for fifth-wheel operation
• Reinforced aluminum cross beams, priced per cross beam


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