Desirable Characteristics in a Hydraulic Yard Boat Trailer for Sale

In a boat yard, the types of trailers used can make a huge difference in the yard storage density. The right trailer is designed to increase the ease of maneuvering water vessels, both small and large, and make storing boats convenient. HOSTAR Marine Transport Systems, Inc. can help you pick the right hydraulic boat trailer for sale based on your unique needs.

HPTY Series
HPTY series trailers, designed to handle powerboats, are some of the most popular trailers for the boat yard, as the frame can easily be raised and lowered thanks to the product’s unique hydraulic walking beam suspension. The trailer, which features an open-center frame, also maintains its alignment when pulling out from or backing under a blocked boat.

You can also take advantage of the trailer’s conveniently low profile, as well as its high flotation industrial yard tires, which give you enormous carrying capacity whether you are on uneven or soft ground. These trailers can hold vessels that weigh up to 60,000 pounds.

HSTY Series
If you need a trailer with an even larger carrying capacity, try the HSTY series trailers. These adjustable-height trailers have capacities that go up to a whopping 200,000 pounds, and each has a hydraulic system that is electrically driven. The trailers increase the storage density of a boat yard and are designed for deep-draft sailboats with up to an 8-foot draft.

You can also find the trailer’s slide-through cross beams for proper keel support and hydraulic arms for stabilization to be helpful when working on a boat. You can even choose a ramp package with pendant or wireless remote control for totally submersible operation if needed.

GoldStar Yard Series
If you’re looking for a hydraulic boat trailer for sale, we also offer the high-quality GoldStar yard series trailers. These trailers have capacities going up to 40,000 pounds and are perfect for shoal draft sailboats and power boats that are up to 44 feet. What especially makes this type of trailer stand out is the height-adjustable rolling V-pad cross beam, which can be locked into position at 12” intervals down the full length of the trailer. The aft-facing pivoting rear arms can be moved outward or inward for better pad placement on the vessel.

If you frequently work with vessels in a boat yard, the experts at HOSTAR Marine Transport Systems will guide you toward the trailer that will get the job done time and time again.