Features to Look for in Boat Stands for Sale

If you would like to save both space in a boat yard and money, a boat stand can come in handy. At HOSTAR Marine, we have boat stands for sale that are designed to meet all your needs. The stands are stackable and innovative, and they come with many value-added features.

Boat Stand Features
Boat stands act as stabilizers while the boat’s weight is properly supported on keel blocking. We offer stands constructed of angle iron that are rugged and feature wooden pads of marine grade plywood so that your boat’s hull will remain protected. These stands are designed to last for years and feature rust resistant zinc-coated screws and handles. You can easily stack the stands in an out-of-the-way location when your boat is out on the water.

Boat Stands for Powerboats and Sailboats
For a powerboat, it is wise for you to use at least a couple of pairs of stands, for four total. Also, if you have a boat that is more than 20 feet long, it may be expedient to use an extra stand set for every additional 10 feet of boat length. Note that sailboats need a minimum of five stands for each boat, using four stands that have swivel tops as well as one stand that has a V-head for the bow.

Boat Stand Tips
To use a boat stand, you should first position the stand firmly on the ground. If you are dealing with soft ground, place dunnage beneath the stands to make sure the stand makes proper footing. It is not advised to put blocks or any other items on your stand in an effort to make the stand higher, and we also do not recommend tying any objects to your boat stand.

To put your stand against your boat’s hull, it is necessary to use one hand to hold the screw. You can then raise this screw to the hull of the boat with the pad by using your other hand to spin the wing nut. Then, you’ll need to tighten until the correct contact has been made. A reputable provider for boat stands for sale can assist you with choosing the right stand and guide you in using it properly.