How to Choose a Boat Trailer

If you manage a boat yard, then you know that a reliable boat trailer is necessary to the success of your business. At HOSTAR Marine, we offer various types of boat transport trailers.

Trailer Weight

One of the considerations in choosing a boat trailer is weight limit of the trailer and its capacity to support a given boat. In making this consideration it is important to take into account the boat’s wet weight and not it’s dry weight. A boat’s wet weight includes such things as water, oil, fuel, safety equipment, anchors, etc. These add to the boat’s actual weight during operation beyond of the dry weight which is simply the weight of the boat’s hull and motor. The new trailer model you choose should have a weight limit greater than the boat’s wet weight.

Trailer Length

It is important to verify the trailer you choose has sufficient length to carry a variety of boats. In order to ensure the trailer is long enough, choose one that is at a minimum 2 feet longer than your boat. Importantly, you do not need to take into account the swim platform on a boat when determining its length.

Proper Keel Support

In order to safely transport a boat, you need to determine what type of keel support will be needed on the boat trailer. HOSTAR boat trailers are designed and built with correct types of keel support for handling powerboats, sailboats, or catamarans.

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