Where to Buy Boat Stands?

If your company operates in the boating industry, you may already understand how important it is to ensure the safety of your customers’ boats. By using boat stands, you can simplify the process of boat storage and blocking. These stands set boats in a safe position for as long as needed without causing damage to the hull. It is important for every boatyard to have durable boat stands on hand at all times. At HOSTAR Marine, we offer a range of boat stands that are designed to provide reliable performance for boat storage requirements.

Our Highly Durable Boat Stands

Our boat stands are built from high-quality materials that extend their service lives. Unlike competitors’ boat stands, our stands are constructed from angle iron rather than the traditional metal tubing. This makes it far easier to gauge the integrity of the stands since it eliminates the need to inspect the interior of the tubing. You can place the stands in storage and organize them in a stackable configuration.

Supporting Our Boat Stands

In order to provide adequate support, boats should be supported by four stands at a minimum. With sailboats, five stands may be necessary at a minimum. When a boat has a length greater than 20 feet, an extra pair stands is required for each additional 10 foot length of the boat. In addition, when blocking on soft surfaces, it is important to use dunnage under the boat stand base in order to properly ensure that the stands do not sink into any soft ground during storage.

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