The Self-Propelled Boat Trailer – Benefits and Features

When you’re running a boatyard, space is money. This is why it is so important that you store your customers’ boats in an efficient manner. HOSTAR Marine Transport Systems can guide you to a leading self-propelled boat trailer-the Self-Propelled YardStar Boat Handler-so that you can transform more yard space into profit.

Visibility and Stability

A huge benefit of the YardStar self-propelled boat trailer is that it is extremely maneuverable in tight spaces. The trailer’s drive units are made to distribute traction evenly on all four wheels. The machine effortlessly moves over various types of terrain-over rises, on grades, and gravel as well. Boatyard owners also appreciate the fact that this trailer gives the trailer operator high-level viewing capability. You can easily operate the trailer using a single-hand joystick as well as hydraulic orbitrol steering.

Versatility and Features

The YardStar boat trailer is also known for being very versatile, as it is available in non-submersible as well as submersible models. Other notable available options include all-wheel drive, complete engine instrumentation, hydraulic oil that is biodegradable, and reinforced aluminum crossbeams.

Standard features of this type of trailer include four-wheel hydrostatic drive as well as two-speed hydraulic drive units. The trailer additionally comes with an industrial gasoline engine and inward-canting hydraulic arms. An open-bridge operator station adds to the appeal of this type of boat trailer.

Long-Term Benefits

The YardStar saves you time, energy and stress because it is engineered to facilitate the efficient, fast and safe handling of any sailboats or powerboats in your boatyard. Your bottom line will also grow stronger with this trailer, which is proven to boost storage capacity by a minimum of 30 percent while tremendously decreasing your labor costs as well as your boat-handling hours. The fact that this trailer also comes with three-year warranty on HOSTAR construction may further give you the reassurance that the trailer is a wise investment.

At HOSTAR Marine Transport Systems, we are dedicated to providing you with a self-propelled boat trailer that will not just meet your goals but exceed your expectations.