How to Select Boat Transport Trailers for Sale

Prospective buyers of boat transport trailers for sale often focus on the affordability and functionality options and do not fully think through the influence on the long-term financial and strategic ramifications of their decision. A transport trailer needs to be well suited for its intended application, but the ideal choice should also take into account limitations on storage space and operational inefficiencies.

Types of Transport Trailers

Once used for moving only small boats, bunk trailers can accommodate boats up to 30 feet in length. They are the least expensive of all the trailer types and have low repair costs as they have fewer parts.

Roller trailers are more expensive than bunk trailers and typically do not have a “drive on” option, but offer a great deal of flexibility with respect to water depth. They also have multiple points of distribution for the weight of a boat which minimizes the points of friction that can damage paint.

At HOSTAR Marine, we offer hydraulic trailers, although more costlier than a bunk or roller trailer, they can accommodate a wide range of types of boats and sizes and provide many advantages that are worth the additional expense. They also facilitate loading and procedures for launching and demonstrate superior maneuverability. At HOSTAR Marine, we specialize in building hydraulic boat trailers and are able to work with customers to provide the best solutions for their boat transport equipment needs.

Factors to Consider

It is in the best interest of boat owners that their boats are transported safely and efficiently. Transport equipment that is poorly suited for the job or is simply too difficult to operate in a cost effective manner, can seriously affect a boat owner’s bottom line.

Likewise, owners of marinas and boatyards need to be responsive to the needs of boat owners, ensuring that each relocation of a boat, regardless of the distance involved, is done with competence. Making sure that boat owners can access their boats in a timely fashion as well as being able to deal with their demands during peak periods are important to customer satisfaction and revenue growth.