HPT Yard Series

For Power and Shoal Draft Sailboats.
Boats to 53?.
Capacities to 60,000 pounds.

The open-center frame on our yard trailers, with plenty of width between main rails to place keel blocking, keeps its alignment perfectly when backing under or pulling out from a blocked boat. Our innovative outboard hydraulic walking beam suspension allows you to raise and lower the frame to the ground, each side independently. Low profile, high flotation industrial yard tires, standard on all our yard trailers, give you enormous carrying capacity and are great on soft or uneven ground.

The HPTY series is designed and built with extendable aft-facing pivoting rear hydraulic arms. The beauty of the pivoting arms is that they can be moved outward or inward and pinned in any of 5 positions - great for boats with twin shafts or narrow hulls. The lift-and-pin-in forward beam (reversible, movable, adjustable) and the ratchet-adjustable swing-out rear beam provide correct keel support for every boat.

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